Production base

 ● Factory introduction and HPP production service

Factory introduction

LINES & TENDENCY GROUP owns two filling production lines, which can produce fruit and vegetable juice (pulp), tea soup, tea beverage, fruit juice tea, pulp drink, jam, beverage concentrate, compound beverages with high nutritional value, and so forth. Provide you with two sterilization technology options, namely low-temperature autoclave sterilization (High-Pressure Processing, HPP) and ultra-high temperature sterilization (Ultra-High Temperature, UHT) technology. Compliant with international certifications such as quality ISO9001, food safety FSSC22000, HACCP, and BRC, with export qualifications, the factory is equipped with quick-frozen, frozen, refrigerated, and regular temperature storage, with many manufacturing advantages such as efficiency, quality, and flexibility. Provide you with OEM/ODM in the beverage industry Customized Solutions.

Production Technology

Using the new high-pressure processing technology HPP

Advantages of LINES & TENDENCY GROUP’s High-Pressure Processing (HPP) technology

HPP is a non-thermal processing sterilization technology. Compared with the traditional ultra-high temperature sterilization (UHT) technology, the low temperature and high-pressure mode (up to 600 MPa) has no drastic changes in temperature during the sterilization process and can retain the original color, aroma, flavor of the food, taste, and nutritional content.