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 ● What is HPP Technology

Principle of HPP technology

Ultra-high pressure sterilization technology (High-Pressure Processing, HPP) uses water as a medium to apply a pressure of 400~600MPa to materials such as flexible packaged food or apply a force of 100~1000MPa with high-grade hydraulic oil in a closed ultra-high pressure container. This technology kills almost all bacteria, molds, and yeasts in it without causing nutrient damage and flavor changes like high-temperature sterilization.

HPP Features

As an emerging technology, HPP technology is applied to food preservation. The primary mechanism can damage the microbial cell membrane and cell wall, change the cell shape, affect intracellular enzyme activity, and transport nutrients and waste in the cell, thereby killing spoilage bacteria and waste in food. Pathogenic bacteria; meanwhile, HPP can effectively or partially inactivate endogenous enzymes in food.

The main advantage of this technology is, first of all, as a physical method to kill pathogenic and spoilage bacteria without heating or adding chemical preservatives, thereby ensuring food safety and extending the shelf life of food.

Secondly, as a non-thermal processing method, HPP has no drastic changes in temperature during the sterilization process, does not destroy covalent bonds, has little impact on small molecular substances, and can better maintain the original color aroma, taste and Function, and Nutrition Facts.

Microorganisms with different bacterial structures have various sensitivities to HPP technology. Yeast and mold are easily killed under lower pressure, while bacterial vegetative cells require high pressure, and bacterial spores are challenging to eradicate.

Ultra-high pressure technology can kill microorganisms, make starch into a paste, protein into a gel, and obtain food flavors different from heat treatment. Ultra-high pressure technology uses the liquid medium for processing, which is easy to achieve uniform sterilization, transient, and high efficiency.

Source: Baidu Baike