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LINES & TENDENCY GROUP takes vegetable juice as the core, actively develops innovations in the application of vegetable juice, and continuously improves the taste and flavor of fruit and vegetable juice. Provide OEM/ODM customized solutions for the beverage industry.

Product Information


Focuses on the field of fruit and vegetable juice to give you a one-stop service.

Types of raw materials

According to your needs, provide a variety of options.

・ Concentrate
・ Pulp Cells
・ Puree
・ Jam
・ Powder
・ Syrup

Types of raw materials

According to your needs, provide a variety of options.

Industrial & Food Service Channel

RTD Retail

One-stop service

1. Raw material development

Select the best fruit and vegetable juice raw materials in the world, and provide a variety of choices according to your needs.

2. Product Planning

(1)With 30 years of industry experience, provide you with the most immediate market information and trends.

(2)You can choose the products independently developed by our company or according to your
demand customized products.

3. Formula research and development

The R&D center and product application center can provide various application forms.

4. Packaging Design

Plastic bottles (PET, PE, PP, HDPE), comprehensive mouth PP, large packaging, sterile bags, Tetra Pak, glass bottles, cans, and so on.

5. Product Planning

Taking food safety as the highest principle, combined with its factory area
Trial production demonstration to ensure the consistency of flavor and taste for you.

6. Formula research and development

It has a professional laboratory and has several international food safety certifications.

7. Warehousing

Complete cold chain distribution system. LINES & TENDENCY GROUP has integrated cold chain warehouse and distribution services in Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and other places.

8. Delivery

According to your needs, docking with channel terminals, LINES & TENDENCY GROUP will provide you with a one-stop service to maximize marginal benefits.