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People-oriented, talent-based

For more than 30 years, Lianfeng has experienced many transformations and challenges. So far, Lianfeng has a place in the industry. It is the joint efforts of all employees. We adhere to the value and overcome difficulties together, break through the siege, turn the crisis into a turning point, and show moving resilience. Lianfeng believes that by constantly creating a better working platform, a complete incentive mechanism, and a complete promotion policy for employees, through the agitation of peer cooperation, we can give full play to the autonomy and creativity of talents and present higher quality products. With the competitive advantage, accumulate the corporate value of Lianfeng, unite the Lianfeng family, continue to trend step by step, and move forward.


Lianfeng is people-oriented and regards employees as the most critical asset. By choosing Lianfeng, you will have a diversified talent cultivation environment and establish a long-term career development. We look forward to your becoming one of the Lianfeng family and letting us work together to create a future with infinite possibilities.

major benefits

Join Lianfeng

Social insurance system

(Insurance and Housing Fund)

Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, and Housing Provident Fund.

Holiday System

According to national regulations.

On-the-job training or educational training grants

You would be able to get basic/advanced skills training at external institutions.

Subsidized transportation/meals

The company has its shuttle bus to pick up and drop off colleagues directly to the subway station

Other welfare activities

Quarterly performance and year-end bonus, irregular outdoor employee travel